Recreational vehicles are great. From family road trips and fishing weekends to motorbike meets and classic car rallies, the right vehicle can open up a whole new facet of your life.

But when your boat, caravan, bike or antique car isn’t being used, what do you do with it? Your beloved boat sits untouched out the front of your house during the winter months, or your motorcycle takes up space in the garage during the working week. Even a caravan can quickly go from ‘handy’ to ‘a handful’ when it’s parked in your carport or driveway.

So what’s the solution?

You could leave your vehicle on the road, but this isn’t ideal or secure.
You’ll find a convenient alternative at your nearest BoxChain Centre, where we provide the perfect temporary home for your:

Car and Van Storage

Do you have a classic car you want to keep in top condition? Or are you planning an extended trip and wondering where to keep your vehicle while you’re away? Whatever your situation, if you have 4 wheels more than your garage or carport can handle, BoxChain has the solution. Whether you’re seeking a short- or long-term arrangement, you can choose to hire:

Our self-storage centres can provide you with a unit for your car, whether it’s a small vintage vehicle or a large 4WD.

Boat Storage

Marinas are often expensive and rarely located close to home. But there is a convenient, affordable alternative: vehicle storage. As long as your boat is on a trailer, the team at your local BoxChain centre can keep it secure for as long as you like.

Whether you’re looking for short- or long-term boat storage, we can provide you with an undercover hardstand space to match your requirements. We offer our units on a flexible, month-to-month basis, which makes them perfect for every kind of boat owner – whether you’re storing for a year or just for winter, you’ll only pay for what you need.

Since our centres generally open at 5am and close at 9pm, you’ll never be late to the riverside or miss out on prime fishing time. And in between trips on the water, your vessel will be kept safe from the elements.

Caravan Storage

Unless you’re constantly road-tripping around Australia, chances are your caravan spends most of its time lodged in your driveway or sitting on the street. While this can cause issues for your family (moving cars in and out can begin to feel like Garage Tetris), it can also create problems for the caravan itself. For example, constant exposure to sunlight and rain can damage the paintwork.

Luckily, there is a way to keep your caravan protected and under cover without sacrificing your carport or garage space. BoxChain centres have units equipped to house vehicles of all shapes and sizes – your caravan might be the largest vehicle you own, but our team is up to the challenge of finding the perfect space for it.

Whether you need to store your caravan for a few months or a year or two, we have you covered. Our hardstand storage units can be rented for both short and long periods.

Motorbike Storage

Do you only ride on weekends or every now and then? Keeping your bike on standby at home can be frustrating – especially if it’s eating up valuable space in your garage or being left outside to withstand the weather.

We provide an easy and safe alternative to keeping your bike at home. Always clean and dry, our spaces provide an affordable and reliable place to store your motorcycle during the week or while you’re too busy to ride. And with our generously sized units, you’ll have plenty of room for your parts and accessories too.

Storage for Other Vehicles

While we may have to turn away your helicopter or fighter jet, the team at BoxChain is generally happy to help you store any kind of vehicle. Whether you have a jet ski, quad bike, scooter or any of the vehicle types mentioned above, trust our experts to provide you with the perfect vehicle storage solution. Some of our centres even offer commercial options for trucks, buses and earthmoving equipment.

If you have any questions about our unit or services, please complete our enquiry form below. We look forward to welcoming your vehicle to its new temporary home.

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