Due to the rapid growth of the BoxChain Company and extension of its field of activity on the territory of the Commonwealth of Australia, the management and shareholders meeting took a decision to discuss further ways to develop, analyze the possibilities and potential, choose key points and certain directions in order to work out a strategy of the Company for 2 years.
The Company needs:
To forge a common understanding of the company`s possible strategy by the end of 2018.
To analyze the current situation as well as possibilities and risks in the key fields of development.
The team of top managers created a common likeness of a successful Company in 2 years.
The indicators of the Company`s success were formulated and described.
The certain fields of development, which have to ensure the Company`s success in 2017-2019, were highlighted and selected.
1-st quarter 2017
2-st quarter 2017
3-d quarter 2017
4-th quarter 2017.
1-st quarter 2018.
2-nd quarter 2018.
3-d quarter 2018.
4-th quarter 2018.

You can find all technical points, conditions, investment obligations on ICO in the Whitepaper (going to be published in the 3-d quarter of 2018).

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