The BoxChain Partner program is developed for those, who are ready to act and increase their income.

By inviting new partners to join the business, you get an additional monetary bonus on your account from each investment and profit got by your team partners.
The Partner program is available for you as soon as you get registered.

Income when purchasing facilities:
6% - 1-st partner line
3% - 2-nd partner line
1% - 3-d partner line

Income from partners’ profit
8% - 1-st partner line
4% - 2-nd partner line
2% - 3-d partner line

The affiliate bonus is not converted into other currencies.
Investments in BTC (Bitcoin) - Affiliate Bonus in BTC (Bitcoin)
Investments in USD (Dollar) - Affiliate bonus in USD (Dollar)

The affiliate bonus will not paying if your partner bought the box for the profit received from another previously purchased box, as well as from the partner bonus received from the partners.
Each registered members is given a sales plan for 1 month.

You need to sell 100 square meters to your personally invited partners (1-st partner line) within 30 days.

The time period for the implementation of the plan starts from the moment of your registration on our site and lasts for 30 days.

In case the plan was not fulfilled:
- All sales for a given period of time are canceled.
- A new period begins, with a new sales plan (100 sq.m)

In case the plan was fulfilled:
- An additional bonus of 9% of all sales for a given period of time is credited to your account.
- A new period begins with a new sales plan (100 sq.m)

All current information on the deadlines and number of square meters sold is indicated in your member area in "Partners" section.

If you have any questions (including the performance of the plan), please contact our professional support team via personal account or click on the link (authorization is required).

BoxChain companies is network of individual storage, it offers its clients and investors best investment portfolio for many years.

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